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Our Commitment
Our commitment is to serve the world and develop a blissful society, educating the community members to attain a balanced body (physical), mind (mental) and soul (energy). There will be no fear or insecurity among the citizens in a blissful society. We are dedicated to educate and empower everyone, especially the youth and women in the society who are the pillars for a stronger society. Our objective is to educate our citizens to develop righteousness in their hearts, which in turns will build a harmonious society.
Eight Limbs of Yoga
About Us
Founded in 2016 by Shree Tarun Agasti, The Living Bliss is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in teaching the possibility of living a blissful life in a normal social condition. Some of our services are everyday yoga, education to unprivileged children, women and youth empowerment and food for everyone. Currently the organization operates in Australia and India and has touched the lives of people from every sect in the society. The programs are based on our founder’s philosophy of developing righteousness in everyone’s heart which in turn will build a blissful society.

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